Engineering Professionals Committed to a Code of Conduct, Ethics, Professionalism, a Standard of Technical Excellence and Public Safety. L3 Learning, Licensure, Leadership

Our Leadership

PEO State Board of Directors


Tom Headley III, PE

Past President
David Etchart, PE

President Elect
Paul Sellke, PE

Keith Kearsley, PE

David Bassett, PE

Vice President’s
Ralph Cohen, PE

Merlyn Hough, PE

Ron Stillmaker, PE

John Raudsep, PE

Matthew Cash, PE


Directors Representing Interest Group’s
PE Construction

PEPrivate Practice
Shannon Souza, PE

PE Government
Merlyn Hough, PE

PE Education
Yumei Wang, PE

PE Industry
John Rasberry, PE

Local Chapter’s
Columbia Chapter

Mid-Willamette Chapter
Dale Bowder, PE

Rogue Valley Chapter
Jeff Ballard, PE

Southwestern Chapter
Matthew Whittey, PE

Central Oregon Chapter
Dirk Duryee, PE

Executive Director
Belinda Holcombe-Rasmussen, CMM
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