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PEO Fellow

2023 Fellow Award – Dirk Duryee, P.E.

2022 Fellow Award – Pieter Smeenk, P.E.

2021 Fellow Awards

  • Stephen Anderson, P.E., F.NSPE
  • David Bassett, P.E.
  • David Boyd, P.E.
  •  Matthew Cash, P.E.
  •  Ralph Cohen, P.E.
  •  Mark Dew, P.E.
  •  Ralph Dunham, P.E.
  •  Steven Dyrnes, F.NSPE (Legacy)
  •  David Etchart, P.E.
  •  Bob Gantenbein (Legacy)
  •  Michael Hardy, P.E.
  •  Thomas J. Headley III, P.E.
  •  Mark Herbert, P.E.
  •  Merlyn Hough, P.E.
  •  Tamara Pitman, P.E., F.NSPE
  •  John Raudsep, P.E.
  •  Charles Rowles, P.E.
  •  Martin Stipe, P.E.
  •  Ralph Yenne, P.E.

Congratulations to the 2020 Legacy Chapter of Fellows 12.2020

PEO Fellow Award
DEADLINE:  February 1st
Award criteria, nomination packet requirements and check list for state leaders
PEO Fellow Program Packet
Continuing effort over numerous years of PEO involvement through a range of roles and responsibilities including activities on committees, Professional Activities, and Community Involvement

  • After two years to catch up and award eligible nominees, each chapter and the PEO Awards Committee shall be allowed to make one nomination per year; maximum three awards per year.